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We are pleased to join in the celebrations on the occasion of this Plenary Session which marks the 25th anniversary of the World Federation of Associations for the United Nations. We convey to you the testimony of the esteem of the Catholic Church and our own encouragement for the cause of peace and collaboration among nations which your Federation aims to serve.

As We said to the Organization of the United Nations in New York, We recognize in this effort “the road necessary for modern civilization and for world peace" (AAS., t. LVII, 1965, p. 878). Indeed, We have at times regretted the fact that international negotiations as a whole have not always shown sufficient determination in solving the pressing problems posed to them, nor the efficacious will for opening up new avenues beyond partisan and sterile manoeuvres of collective selfishness. But we are well aware of this: the success of such negotiations requires the concerted action and determination of all men. This is an additional reason for Us to repeat publicly how opportune We consider this patient effort to mobilize good will through the ensemble of the world community.

This concern of men for the common good of humanity has already made certain progress in the consciences of peoples and of the new generations. But this concern must be unceasingly maintained, encouraged and deepened in the public mind. This is a continuous educational process that has to be fostered, without which international negotiations themselves would be doomed to isolation and failure. Each nation, each person must assume its own share of responsibility to prepare the conditions for a just peace, to welcome other nations and other races with respect, to implement the decisive provisions for an integral and joint development (cfr Populorum Progressio, in AAS t. LIX, 1967, p.257-299) and to establish a well-ordered environment on which the future of all of us depends.

To the extent that you contribute to this work within each nation by creating a terrain favourable to the activity of the UNO or by extending it, thanks to the sessions, seminars, courses or other means available to you, We rejoice and congratulate you, and We encourage Christians to participate actively in this endeavour, for it is not possible for them to love God without loving theirs brothers with their whole soul and their whole strength. We pray God to strengthen in the hearts of all men of good will this hope for a sincere and lasting brotherhood.

From the Vatican, 4 May 1971.


*ORa n.21 p.5


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