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Monday, 30 August 1971


Mr Ambassador,

We have listened attentively to the deferential words you have just expressed to us on presenting the Letters that accredit you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Paraguay to the Holy See.

On this occasion we cannot but remember with particular affection all our beloved sons in your noble country, with its glorious and outstanding Christian traditions. From the first moments of Evangelization, the preaching of the Christian message yielded very rich fruits in Paraguay in the spiritual field, accompanied by experiences in the social field, such as the famous “Reducciones", which are considered an example of authentic progress. In them, the highest values of the spirit were the seed of admirable achievements for the complete development of man, on the basis of common commitment, communitarian participation and Christian brotherhood.

Following that and other traditions, the Church, under the guidance of her Pastors, is carrying out today, too, in your country, and wishes to carry out with greater enthusiasm every day, her characteristic mission of service to individuals ands to the different social groups. With the clear preaching of the Gospel in contemporary terms and with her works of social promotion and charity, and faithful to the divine mandate she has received; she wishes to be always the germ of spiritual and human progress, the symbol and impulse of the highest values of love, understanding and freedom, and at the same time the indefatigable champion of a new world, where there will be more justice and solidarity.

We look hopefully towards this new world when we dedicate our determined efforts to the attainment of peace, efforts to which Your Excellency has been kind enough to refer. In the path to peace, our task and that of the whole Church is constantly directed towards aims that are increasingly wide and complete, keeping real peace in mind, which must be developed in a climate of love, justice and freedom, active peace, which gives individuals and nations the possibility of reaching real complete progress, to which they are called by their human dignity and by the divine plan itself.

Once more we express to our beloved Paraguayan sons our best wishes for a rapid and far-reaching development along the lines we have indicated, assuring them of the determination of the Church to serve them along this path, in a disinterested and vigorous way.

Assuring you, Mr. Ambassador, of our benevolence for the successful accomplishment of your noble mission, we appreciate the deferential greetings you transmitted to us on behalf of the Authorities of your Country, and with paternal affection we invoke continual and choice divine blessings upon the whole of Paraguay.

*ORa n.36 p.2.


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