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Monday, 25 September 1972


It is a pleasure for us to greet today the President and members of the Boy Scouts World Committee.

We are aware that the Scout movement counts among its members more than fifteen million boys and young men, not to speak of the millions of adults throughout the world who were Scouts in their young days. The movement is indeed one of great potential for good. Its aim is to train young people in initiative, self-reliance, a sense of responsibility and the team-spirit. The training is based upon the well-known principles of Scouting, among which we would single out those of service of God and country, and of world friendship and brotherhood.

Yours is a great responsibility. We live in a world that is undergoing change. It is a world in which people all too easily lose sight of enduring values, in which the purpose of life can become obscured. Some even turn their backs entirely upon their duties to their fellowmen. Through your training and example, numberless young people are able to gain a true perspective, and the values which Scouting puts before them will help them to become worthy leaders of tomorrow’s world.

It is our hope that the Scouting movement will continue to be a powerful force in instilling true and lasting values, and thus become an instrument for bringing about a world based on friendship and worldwide brotherhood, a world in which peace and justice will at last be firmly established.

We pray that your efforts on behalf of youth will be rewarded, and we invoke upon you the abundant blessing of God.


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