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Friday, 11 July 1975


Dear Sons and Daughters,

During this Holy Year we are always delighted to receive pilgrims from Africa, but we reserve a special welcome for those coming from Uganda, since it is the country on your continent which we out-self visited during our pontificate. Today we are happy to have with us Bishop Asili from the Diocese of Lira. We know that some of you have come from other Dioceses as well: we greet all of you with deep affection in the Lord Jesus.

It is always a source of pleasure for us to witness the joyful spirit of enthusiasm with which you express your faith. We hope that your pilgrimage to Rome and to the places of early Christianity may bring renewed depth and vigour to your belief and give you an ever greater love for the Church.

Upon all of you, and upon your country, which is ever so dear to us and which, as you can well appreciate, is especially in our thoughts in these days, we now invoke God’s loving protection and grace, and we cordially impart our Apostolic Blessing to each of you and also to your families and friends at home.


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