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Code of Canon Law

IntraText - Concordances
   Book,  Part, Can.
1 Intr | on the parts of their own schemata, or in discussing various 2 Intr | observations and opinions on their schemata which were forwarded to 3 Intr | After the drafting of some schemata was completed by the study 4 Intr | steps were as follows.~The schemata together with an explanatory 5 Intr | was obtained, the printed schemata were submitted to the examination 6 Intr | months.~At the same time, the schemata were also forwarded to the 7 Intr | The order in which the schemata were sent is as follows:~ 8 Intr | either general ones on the schemata considered as a whole or 9 Intr | the canons of the early schemata at the request or suggestion 10 Intr | consultative organs, so that some schemata were entirely renewed or 11 Intr | or changed.~After all the schemata had been reworked, the Secretariat 12 Intr | coordination of all the schemata, of ensuring a uniform terminology 13 Intr | organization so that all of the schemata, prepared by distinct study

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