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Code of Canon Law

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Can.  1130 For a grave and urgent cause, the local ordinary can permit a marriage to be celebrated secretly.

Can.  1131 Permission to celebrate a marriage secretly entails the following:

1/ the investigations which must be conducted before the marriage are done secretly;

2/ the local ordinary, the one assisting, the witnesses, and the spouses observe secrecy about the marriage celebrated.

Can.  1132 The obligation of observing the secrecy mentioned in can. 1131, n. 2 ceases on the part of the local ordinary if grave scandal or grave harm to the holiness of marriage is imminent due to the observance of the secret; this is to be made known to the parties before the celebration of the marriage.

Can.  1133 A marriage celebrated secretly is to be noted only in a special register to be kept in the secret archive of the curia.

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