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Code of Canon Law

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Art. 2.


Can.  1551 The party who has introduced a witness can renounce the examination of that witness; the opposing party, however, can request that the witness be examined nevertheless.

Can.  1552 §1. When proof through witnesses is requested, their names and domicile are to be communicated to the tribunal.

§2. The items of discussion about which questioning of the witnesses is sought are to be presented within the time period set by the judge; otherwise, the request is to be considered as abandoned.

Can.  1553 It is for the judge to curb an excessive number of witnesses.

Can.  1554 Before the witnesses are examined, their names are to be communicated to the parties; if in the prudent judgment of the judge, however, that cannot be done without grave difficulty, it is to be done at least before the publication of the testimonies.

Can.  1555 Without prejudice to the prescript of can. 1550, a party can request the exclusion of a witness if a just cause for the exclusion is shown before the questioning of the witness.

Can.  1556 The citation of a witness occurs through a decree of the judge legitimately communicated to the witness.

Can.  1557 A witness who has been cited properly is to appear or to inform the judge of the reason for the absence.


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