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Code of Canon Law

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Art. 3.


Can.  1676 Before accepting a case and whenever there is hope of a favorable outcome, a judge is to use pastoral means to induce the spouses if possible to convalidate the marriage and restore conjugal living.

Can.  1677 §1. When the libellus has been accepted, the presiding judge or the ponens is to proceed to the communication of the decree of citation according to the norm of can. 1508.

§2. When fifteen days have passed from the communication and unless either party has requested a session for the joinder of the issue, the presiding judge or the ponens is to establish the formula of the doubt or doubts within ten days by ex officio decree and is to notify the parties.

§3. The formula of the doubt not only is to ask whether the nullity of the marriage is established in the case but also must determine on what ground or grounds the validity of the marriage is to be challenged.

§4. Ten days after the communication of the decree, the presiding judge or the ponens is to arrange for the instruction of the case by a new decree if the parties have lodged no objection.


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