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Code of Canon Law

IntraText - Concordances
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1 Intr | individual parts, and drafted in schema form. During the session 2 Intr | is as follows:~1972—the schema on administrative procedure;~ 3 Intr | administrative procedure;~1973—the schema on sanctions in the Church;~ 4 Intr | in the Church;~1975—the schema on the sacraments;~1976— 5 Intr | the sacraments;~1976—the schema on the procedure for the 6 Intr | rights or processes;~1977—the schema on institutes of life consecrated 7 Intr | evangelical counsels, the schema on general norms, the schema 8 Intr | schema on general norms, the schema on the people of God, the 9 Intr | on the people of God, the schema on the Church’s teaching 10 Intr | Church’s teaching office, the schema on sacred times and places 11 Intr | divine worship, and the schema on the patrimonial law of 12 Intr | Peter and Paul, the printed schema of the whole Code was presented 13 Intr | the plenary session of the schema of the Code and the emendations 14 Intr | already introduced, the same schema along with the changes which 15 Intr | addition of canons from the schema on the Fundamental Law of 16 Intr | personally reviewed this latest schema with the help of certain

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