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Doctrinal documents

Note: The doctrinal documents of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are presented in reverse chronological order. Each text is given with its title in Italian or English, followed by the official title (usually in Latin) in parentheses, and the date of publication.

The next line, in bold typeface, provides references to official collections and editions (for example, Acta Apostolicae Sedis) and the final line gives references to unofficial collections and editions in various languages.

List of abbreviations

  • Notification concerning some writings of Professor Dr Reinhard Meßner,
    (Notifikation bezüglich einiger Veröffentlichungen von Professor Dr. Reinhard Meßner), November 30, 2000
    AAS 93 (2001) 385-403
    OR 06.12.2000, 4-5 [Germ./Ital.]; RegnoDoc 13/2001, 437-440
    [German, Italian, Polish, Portugiesisch, Spanish]
  • Observations on the final report of ARCIC
    (Animadversiones quas Sacra Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei, de mandato SS.mi super enuntiatis ultimis Commissionis vulgo ARCIC cognominatae, de Eucharistica doctrina, de sacris Ordinibus atque de subiecto auctoritatis in Ecclesia, exaravit et omnibus Conferentiis Episcoporum die 2 Aprilis transmisit), March 27, 1982
    AAS 74 (1982) 1062-1074; DOCUMENTA 47
    OR 6.5.1982, 2; Notitiae 18 (1982) 231-234; DocCath 79 (1982) 508-512.531; EV 8, 122-151; Regno-Doc 11/1982, 328-332; LE 4902; Dokumenty, II, 2
    [English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Letter to H.E. Msgr. Alan C. Clark regarding the final report of ARCIC 
    Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission) (Epistula quam Praefectus Sacrae Congregationis pro Doctrina Fidei Em.mus P.D. Iosephus Cardinalis Ratzinger, ob editam relationem finalem a Commissione, cui vulgo nome “Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission” [ARCIC], compraesidi eiusdem Commissionis, R.P.D. Alano C. Clark, episcopo Angliae Orientalis, die 27 martii 1982 scripsit), March 27, 1982
    AAS 74 (1982) 1060-1074; DOCUMENTA 46
    OR 31.3.1982, 2; DocCath 79 (1982) 507-508; EV 8, 120-123; LE
    4902; Dokumenty, II, 1
    [English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Declaration regarding the dialogues with Rev. Fr. Edward Schillebeeckx on certain aspects of his doctrinal Christology, December 13, 1979
    DocCath 77 (1980) 16; LE 4744
  • Notification regarding the "Abbé de Nantes", August 10, 1969
    DocCath 66 (1969) 794-796; LE 3776